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Accessibility resources

Over the years I’ve collected a number of resources to help make more accessible experiences for everyone. Whether you’re new to content or need some evidence to pass on to stakeholders, hopefully this list of accessibility resources might be useful for you.

Introduction to accessibility

Accessibility audits

Accessibility books and reports

Designing for neurodiversity and inclusion; eConsultancy, Rose Keen et al
Giving a damn about accessibility; UX Collective, Fabricio Teixeira, Caio Braga and Sheri Byrne-Haber
Accessible social media; Accessible Social, Alexa Heinrich

GOV.UK resources:

There are some fantastic resources available across GOV.UK including:

Accessibility-focused orgs

There are lots of organisations and individuals who openly share their accessibility expertise including:

People who share accessible advice

Creating accessible content

Style and readability guidelines

How to write good alt text

Justifying use of Plain Language

Why PDFs are bad

Tools to improve accessibility

Colour contrast

Accessible documents

Accessible social media content

These guides are broadly platform-agnostic guides to improving the accessibility of your social media:

Platforms may publish their own guidance about using the accessibility features which include:

In the absence of – or in addition to – official platform-specific guidance that I’ve found, these are also helpful guides:

Web accessibility

As you can see, this isn’t an exhaustive or complete list but I’ll aim to keep it updated, and you might find it a useful reference. Let me know if there are any accessibility resources you find useful to add to the list!

I also offer accessible communications and content training for teams and organisations – please get in touch on lisa [@] if you’d like to find out more.

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AI resources

If you’re struggling to understand the difference between Large Language Models, GenAI, AGI, machine learning and artificial intelligence, you’re not alone. Use of AI is appearing in almost every conversation for me and I’ve been compiling a reference list of AI resources for communications, technology and generally professional humans.

AI explainers

AI and the future of work

AI governance and ethics

The environmental impact of AI

AI in the news

AI and legal precedents